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Guest Blogger

I've asked my fellow co-workers to write a short note on their favorite finish.  Yes, we actually have favorites.  What one person loves another hates.  It's fun to look at the aluminum finishes through the eyes of another.  Each of us bring our technical background to the table.  We each look at aspects of a finish that others don't consider.  This is where the discussion begins about the possibilities.  So, here is our first guest blogger article.

NEC-108-AOne of my favorite finishes is NEC-108-A. This mechanical finish employs irregular interweavings of semi circles which add a dimension of depth via a 3D effect. This finish seems chaotic, yet imparts a sense of luxury with the smooth satin finish. It allows one to stand out and be different from the rest. Although the finish seems busy, you get the sense that it is very versatile and could find its way in automotive, nameplate, and appliance applications.  The striking mechanical finish makes you take notice and move in for a closer look.  Once you do this, you take note of the intricacies and depth of this finish.  It is what you want it to be.

Kevin Rink | Process Chemist   Kevin Rink Process Chemist
Kevin works in the Northern Engraving Central Lab.  He is responsible for research and development of new inks and coatings.

What are your thoughts on this organic mechanical finish on aluminum?  Thumbs up or thumbs down?