Art Deco Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

Metal Ceiling Tiles

The popular art deco theme on metal is translated on to aluminum ceiling tiles designed and manufactured by Northern Engraving and available through Gage corporation.  Elegant and stylish mathematical geometric designs come to life when combined with mechanical finishes and printing on aluminum.

selective brush aluminum ceiling tile

Two direction brush and texture are the only processes used in the creation of this art deco design.  The brush is applied selectively using a screen printed mask to protect the areas of metal that are not brushed.  Bright aluminum boarders are used to outline the simple linear elements of the design.

mixed metal ceiling tile

The same process are used on this metal tile with the addition of a printed transparent gold tint.  The gold tint takes on the appearance of several colors as it overlaps multiple brush directions and bright aluminum.  The silver and gold finishes combine to create a mixed metal effect.

printed metal ceiling tile

This tile also builds on the processes featured in the two previous art deco tiles.  The major difference in this tile is the addition of gradations of color.  The tiles interlock to create an opulent art deco motif.

metal ceiling tile 4 up

The basic processes of selective brushing and printing transparent tints are the building blocks in decorating aluminum.  They can be used to create modern, Victorian or art deco designs.  The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

What designs springs to mind when thinking about combining brushed aluminum and transparent tints of color?  What other art deco themes would you like to see on a metal ceiling tile?  Can you see art deco themes integrated into product trim?