Modern Hexagon Finish Development on Brushed Aluminum

Connection with Hexagon Shapes

Finish development for aluminum trim can involve several trials to explore color and scale optoins before the one is identified which will find itself released into production or featured in a concept. Many patterns and finishes shown in the Surface Collection Gallery have gone through this evolution.

One such example features a hexagon shape which has been manipulated so that one side of each shape connects to the next in an intertwined and connected fashion. The differences between each of these versions is subtle. Each one would be friendly for use either as complete background coverage or simply as an accent element for aluminum trim.    connected hexagon pattern, aluminum finishes

PAT-4649-A defines the hexagon pattern by a printed outline of gray color on brushed aluminum. 

PAT-4649-B takes that same pattern color and instead fills in the inside portion of the hexagon shape so that the brushed aluminum acts as the outline.

PAT-4650-A increases the scale of the hexagon structure along with color change to black fill. The larger hex pattern with the dark black color is more bold.

How would you customize these finishes? Let's talk!

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