Shibori Inspiration for Aluminum Pattern

black shibori aluminum finish

This aluminum finish from our trend presentation takes inspiration from shibori, the famous "shape resist dyed" cloth of Japan which is akin to tie-dyeing.  We focused on dark near black colors and layered offset lithography with selective gloss to create an aluminum pattern with depth and movement.  This finish is created on recycled aluminum and is one example of what can be done with this substrate. 

aluminum finish inspired by shibori black shibori aluminum finish accent

The large scale finish compliments larger aluminum trim pieces.  In addition, detailed areas can be selected for use in small inserts or appliqués.  Transparent inks and selective gloss work together to create an interactive finish that "flips" changing appearance depending your angle of view. 

There are many different knots and ties used to create different  shibori patterns on fabric.  The technique can be used to make striking and detailed images.  These images can then be interpreted with endless possibilities on to aluminum.  Using a resist or mask to protect areas of the aluminum while brushing a pattern into the metal is one option for creating a unique metal surface.  Layering offset lithography and brushing adds further depth.  Dramatically different effects can be achieved by altering the size of the image. 

black shibori aluminum trim 

I could see this finish printed in an earthy copper color or for a very different effect a vibrant red.  What color would you like to see this pattern in?  What application do you see for a surface like this?  Request a sample of this unique aluminum finish to see our interpretation of the traditional Japanese shibori design.