A Gradation of Colors on Aluminum Trim

One series of mechanical finishes with gradations of color has always peaked the interest of most that see it.  This series has a deep transparent blue tint.  Mechanical finishes are applied selectively with hard lines contrasting the soft fade of color. 

blue to black gradient over striped aluminum | DES-1205-AAAK blue to black aluminum gradiant | DES-1205-AAAI

The consistent interest in these finishes had me thinking about what else could be done with gradations of color.  I like to let an idea percolate in my mind for a bit when working on new finishes.  My interactions during this time, often unrelated, inspire a new direction.  This cross-pollinization is exactly what happened.  Driving to work, I often have the pleasure of watching the sunrise and the colorful morning sky.  There it was in front of me - a fade from one color to another and another.  Each morning was a new palette of possibilities.


We started this finish by layering transparent tints of color.  We settled on a color scheme and layered this with a custom printed texture which also changed as it moved across the aluminum trim piece.  The texture has a crackled effect but could have been a pinstripe or dot pattern or anything else.  The texture provides a slight gloss change from the background finish.

multi color aluminum gradiant | DES-1412-C

multi colored gradiant aluminum | DES-1412-C

Substituting in different colors gave us very different looks.  I think I see further development here... oh the possibilities.  What if we shortened the distance the fade is occurring over... or layered this with an opaque pattern?  I think I see another series on the horizon.  What do you see?  Want to see for yourself this gradation of color on aluminum?