Add Interest to Trim with Selective Brushed Aluminum

Subtle Decoration Adds Interest

One of the great things about working alongside of the Design team is there is never a lack of interesting finishes to browse through.  Today my attention was caught by one with subtle decoration for the aluminum trim using selective bright areas woven through a brushed background.  It reminds me of a piece of ribbon sitting softly on the surface.  

DES-1501-D, brushed aluminum finish

This is a very attractive and cost effective way to add interest to a trim piece.  The qualities of the aluminum allow the light to play so that you can follow the movement through the bright areas.  In this case the silver of the aluminum is used, but you could add a tint of color to the background - or to the bright area as an accent.  Either option is completely feasible and friendly to most any design or shape of trim.  

Can you see possibilities to add interest with selective bright areas?  What would you do with this decorating option?

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