New Aluminum Finishes | Connected, Joined and Engineered Structures

This series of aluminum finishes feature structures derived from ordered frameworks. Linear fretwork, layered grids and lattice configurations are formulaically applied to surfaces, as process is embraced. Connected, joined and engineered structures mimic exoskeletons that come to life and move, animating functional design. All are available to be integrated into aluminum trim or nameplates.

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Linear Fretwork

fretwork finish   linear fretwork   crosshatch aluminum finish

Industrial skeletal frames inspire decorative aluminum surfaces. Bright aluminum lines intersect breaking up the tinted brushed background.

PAT-4711-A, PAT-4713-A, EURO-1722-A

*patterns not shown to scale

Intricate Lattice

lattice finish   faded technical finish   square lattice aluminum finish

For subtle texture and stark simplicity, fine metal grid formations are created using selective brushing and selective texture.

PAT-4714-A, DES-1503-C, PAT-4712-A

*patterns not shown to scale


complex lines   brushed aluminum finish   etched line pattern

Complex networks of textured lines contrasted with bright and brushed aluminum.

PAT-4710-A, EURO-1016-HB, PAT-3244-A

*patterns not shown to scale

Architectural Structure

architectural pattern   black and silver finish   etched aluminum finish

Formulaically engineered patterns featuring interconnected, bisected and articulated structures.

PAT-4715-A, PAT-4708-A, PAT-4708-B

*patterns not shown to scale


Northern Engraving Finish Samples

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