Ceiling Tile Design Gallery

Metal Ceiling Panels

Custom ceiling tiles are a versatile option for creating high impact designs to enhance your space.  The designs utilize standard processes used in the manufacturing of automotive trim and nameplates.  Options range from the diverse offering of finishes in our pattern library to custom designed tiles.  Brushing, printing and mechanical finishes combine to create bold designs or subtle statements.  The richness and depth of aluminum ceiling tiles enhances office spaces, casinos, hotel lobbies, institutional settings and restaurant/bar areas.

This article covers aluminum ceiling tiles manufactured and designed for Gage Architectural Products.  The finishes can be customized in color, scale and process to meet your design intent. 

Ceiling Tile Design Options

  1. Brushed Aluminum - overall or selective
  2. Mechanical Finishes - engine stripe or organic
  3. Woodgrain - burl or straight grain
  4. Marble - overall or inlaid
  5. Patinaed - brass, bronze, steel or copper
  6. Custom - bold or elegant
  7. Perforated - rectangles, circles or squares


Brushed Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

The design possibilities available to you when combining bright aluminum with a horizontal and vertical brush are endless.  Mitered corners create coffered effects.  Transparent tints of color are printed creating mixed metal looks.

Mechanical Finishes on Aluminum Ceiling Tiles

Mechanical finishes emphasize the metal surface adding depth and dimension to the tile.  Directional and non-directional patterning catches and reflects light.  Whether refined linear designs created with the engine stripe process or the hand crafted look of organic structures takes, all can be customized in subtle or vivid color. 

Woodgrain Ceiling Tiles

High resolution printing is used to reproduce exotic woodgrains, burls and straight grains on aluminum.  Woodgrain ceiling panels combine multiple woodgrains to create inlaid looks.  Coffered designs add dimension to the tiles.

Marble Ceiling Tiles

Process color is used to capture the detail and subtle color in marble and granite tiles.  Inlaid effects are created when combined with bright aluminum and woodgrain.

Patinaed Metal Ceiling Tiles

Distressed and aged metal surfaces add hand crafted warmth to spaces.  Surfaces range from gunmetal greys and mixed metal designs to antiqued brass and copper finishes.

Custom Ceiling Tiles

The photos above really say it all.  If you can imagine it, we can create it on aluminum.  Mix and match.  Make it your own.  Combine finishes or create custom graphics.

Perforated Ceiling Tiles

Now that you've explored the options in decorating aluminum panels, consider adding a perforation.  Round, square or rectangle.

Request aluminum finish samples to begin exploring the options available to you in surface design.