Simple. Sporty. Dressed Up Aluminum Trim.





Brushed Aluminum
Screen Printed Aluminum


2015 Polaris Slingshot


Dress up interior with aluminum trim


The Design team at Polaris wanted to find a way to incorporate aluminum trim into the interior decoration for their new vehicle. 

Early collaboration with our Design and Engineering teams involved working together to identify applications for branding solutions as well as decorative trim. Items on the table grew from the center console to the speedometer display complete with accent rings. 

Continuity for decoration across the various trim pieces makes it clear that they work together with the overall look and feel of the vehicle.

A micro finish was chosen from our pattern library to echo the sporty look of the vehicle. The precise texture is found in varying colors and gloss levels across the trim and integrated into the branding

The result is a set of aluminum trim that dresses up the interior of the vehicle with superior durabi