Elegant Aluminum Nameplate with Minimal Investment

 deep etch aluminum nameplate, brushed aluminum two-tone nameplate


Etched Aluminum

Brushed  Aluminum


Furniture label


Design cost effective branding for premium furniture


sample package was sent including options in finishes, explanation of decorating processes and physical samples that can be touch and felt.  Further discussions were held to settle in on direction to quote and then order placed.

In the case of this label, the end look speaks of richness, clean lines and attention to detail.  There is visual appeal found in the brushed aluminum background coupled with dimension achieved through etching. This nameplate takes advantage of a common shape and size to utilize a stock tool to help keep cost at a minimum.

Seeing a project go from an idea with rough sketches to dimensioned proof and then come to life in production is rewarding.  Hearing the satisfaction and positive feedback a customer receives is priceless. 

“Working with you was easy and swift on all phases of the project.  Once I knew what I wanted you all steered me in the right direction towards proper finishing applications.  The finish samples you supplied me were very inspirational and helpful on all phases of this project.”

Marc Kurlander, Chai Ming Studios