Layers of Finishes for Decorated Aluminum

One of the interesting elements of working with aluminum as a substrate for decorative surfaces is the inherent reflective nature of the metal. This can be overlooked or covered up by the final decoration. Instead of hiding the metal, take a look at how this finish has embraced it and ultimately taken advantage of the reflectivity to enhance a geometric pattern.

layered honeycomb aluminum finish

Pattern on Pattern for Aluminum Trim

This is an interesting finish where two different sized hex-shaped patterns are layered onto each other. The hexagon pattern in this finish appears like a watermark behind a series of opaque tiny hexagons placed across the entire surface for the trim piece.

IMG_4038 copy.jpg

Layering of patterns on aluminum can create optical illusions and add significant visual depth to the surface decoration. Geometric finishes work well for this look as do linear structures.multilayered aluminum finishes group wh

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