Cell Phone Pad

cadillac in mold plastic trim

in molded plastic detail


Brushed aluminum
Aluminm in-mold  

Chemical Etch


Cadillac Escalade


Upgrade the look of existing rubber mat in console armrest by integrating aluminum and plastic trim into one component


The elegant interior of the Cadillac Escalade already integrates aluminum trim into the design.  Adding aluminum to the cell phone pad was a natural progression in upgrading the look.  The metal mat needed to withstand daily wear and tear.  It also needed to protect the phone in the event that it gets dropped.  The solution was to use the through molding process to create rubber ribs.  Inspiration was drawn from the Hummer sillplate.  The finished part combines brushed aluminum molded to soft plastic for a unique mixed material trim piece which is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.  The finishing touch in the design was to add the Cadillac logo using a chemical etch process.