Consistent Decoration Across Component Parts

describe the image

describe the image


Embossed Aluminum 
Screen Print


Oroscoptic Dental Loupe 


Consistent decoration across multiple component parts and different product colors


The aluminum nameplates and serial number labels for this project needed to coordinate together and blend well with the product frame. Reviewing technical finishes in our pattern library, the subtle black dot pattern was chosen. It works well with the shape of the bows, allowing your vision to follow the curves of the sides.  

Scale of the dots was taken into consideration along with the graphics needed. Adjustments were made so that the design works together in a fluid manner. The dots line up perfectly for straight and consistent placement of serial numbering and customization at the customer's assembly location.  

Common emboss tools for the outer bow labels, creates a finished look and clear branding. Recessed areas designed into the product housing ensure consistent alignment and hides the silver edge of the aluminum for a clean look.

Full product image credit Orascoptic