Victory Motorcycle Badge

victory motorcycle badge


Multi-level Embossed Aluminum
Selective Doming


Victory Motorcycle tank


Develop a new design with the look and feel of a cast metal badge


Collaboration with design engineers at Northern Engraving resulted in an exciting new spin on the typical tank badge. Multi-level embossing enhances the three dimensional shapes creating the look of a cast metal badge. Selective areas of color and text make the brand shine.

In order to maximize the investment, the same badge is formed to fit several different tank contours. This way one process is used in production to keep the brand consistent while only the form varies. A great deal of engineering went into the form of each badge in order to minimize gaps and create the illusion that the badge is part of the tank itself rather than an individual component.

Through teamwork and collaboration Victory Motorcycles and Northern Engraving were able to create an exciting new product that met the needs of the customer in an affordable way while not sacrificing on the quality the brand deserves.