Machined Aluminum Trim | Dodge Charger

2012 Dodge Charger center console


machined edge



Aluminum In-mold
Machined Edge
Engine Turn


Dodge Charger shifter bezel


Develop a cost-effective option for creating a crisp mating edge on aluminum trim


Machined aluminum trim offers several advantages in part design. Key benefits in look and functionality are:

• flexibility in design
• improved aesthetics
• reduced gap between mating parts
• minimized tooling costs

Machining an edge is an efficient option for programs with multiple opening requirements. Using the CNC to create various apertures for mating component configurations eliminates the need for multiple tools.  This process can be used for interior or exterior edges to create a clean surface free of radii. The result is a sharp crisp look which minimizes gaps between parts. It is a cost effective option often minimizing overall tooling costs by reducing the number of dies required. 

The Dodge Charger center console complements the impressive aluminum instrument panel. Together they create endless opportunities for differentiation with the update of the finish for buzz vehicles.