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Customer Spotlight

     -"With an unlimited choice of patterns produced by a design department whose creativity is second to none.  It is a pleasure to be a Designer and work with Northern Engraving."  
-Gunnar Johansson,
Chief Designer, Volvo Cars


Aluminum Finish Trend Presentation Videoaluminum finish video

Want to push the boundaries in decorative trim?

The trend presentation covers finishes developed around themes presented as mood boards.  View the video to see options available to you in aluminum trim design.

Surfaces on Aluminum

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Patina Finish Options for Aluminum Trim

Posted by Vicky Bowie on Wed, Oct 09, 2013
Patina finishes on aluminum

Patina Finishes on Aluminum

Structure is a main element when defining your aluminum trim decoration. One of the great things about working with aluminum as the canvas is that it is friendly for any structure that you can imagine. A common request is to make the aluminum trim look like it is worn or has been scratched up - the patina or distressed type of structure. This adds some character to the finish and can be manipulated with varying degrees of scratching, brushing and colors to achieve just the right look to bring your design to life. This video walks through some options and is a starting point for discussion. 

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Aged Metal Patterns on Aluminum

Posted by Lynn Holzworth on Tue, Aug 16, 2011

I love the look of aged or antique metal. Here are two of my favorite patterns on aluminum from our patina collection.  Both patterns have a variety of subtle warm and cool tones.

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Aged Metal Finishes for Decorative Trim

Posted by Deidre Kruser on Tue, Mar 22, 2011
aged aluminum finish | PAT-1827-A


Aged metal finishes are available in an endless array of structures.  Your choices are multiplied when you consider printing them in bronze, copper, brass or silver colorways.  The patinaed finishes featured here are printed on aluminum. 

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Ceiling Tile Design Gallery

Posted by Deidre Kruser on Tue, Nov 02, 2010

Metal Ceiling Panels

Custom ceiling tiles are a versatile option for creating high impact designs to enhance your space.  The designs utilize standard processes used in the manufacturing of automotive trim and nameplates.  Options range from the diverse offering of finishes in our pattern library to custom designed tiles.  Brushing, printing and mechanical finishes combine to create bold designs or subtle statements.  The richness and depth of aluminum ceiling tiles enhances office spaces, casinos, hotel lobbies, institutional settings and restaurant/bar areas.

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Crackled and Weathered Finish on Aluminum Trim

Posted by Deidre Kruser on Tue, Aug 10, 2010
crackled and weather aluminum finish

Scuffed and dusted treatments are seen in fashion, furniture and the products we use every day.  Further exploration into faux surfaces is a constant in our Design area.  Experimentation with finishing effects often combines contrasting elements for unique looks.  The crackle-effect finish brings together a weathered surface with reflective metal.  The faux painted surface is scuffed and crackled.  Try combining this finish with high gloss bright aluminum or a brushed tint to further push the combination of opposing surfaces.

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Faux Finishes - Leather, Carbon Fiber, Marble and Patinas on Aluminum

Posted by Deidre Kruser on Tue, Jun 29, 2010
Faux Finishes on Metal

Inspired by the interaction between illusion and reality, faux finishes on aluminum play with color, pattern and texture to create captivating experiences for your customer.  This collection of faux surfaces - ranging from distressed metal to stone - is a great illustration of how a brand can use decorative processes on aluminum to integrate custom finishes into metal trim or nameplates.

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Bronze Appliance Trim

Posted by Deidre Kruser on Wed, Jun 02, 2010
copper patina ice and water dispenser

Stainless Steel Alternative

The rich depth of traditional bronze sculptor is explored in this Whirlpool ice and water concept.  This bronze finish is an example of the chameleon-like quality of aluminum to be decorated in a variety of metal finishes.  Patinaed, antiqued and distressed surfaces on copper, bronze, titanium or brass are some of the possibilities.

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Patinas and Metal Trim

Posted by Deidre Kruser on Wed, Jul 15, 2009
aluminum patina | PAT-4179-C

Decorative Trim with Distressed Metal Surfaces

Patinas add character to decorative metal trim.  They occur naturally on metals as they age and oxidize.  Artists and metalworkers often add patinas to metal surfaces to simulate wear and exposure to the elements.  Our decorative metal processes allow you to match the look of patinaed metal on aluminum.  The aged and patinaed surfaces of copper, brass, bronze, nickel or silver are reproduced on aluminum using a combination of litho and screen printing. 

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