Most Popular Aluminum Finishes from Trend Video

The common thread among these aluminum finishes is surface play.  The interactive metal finishes rely on brushing, layering of transparent colors and texture to create movement. 


red ornamental aluminum finish
Large scale graphic flows easily across the side of this trim piece. Composed of a two direction brush, the effect is subtle. The possibilities for graphics are open to imagination. The contrast can be bold or quiet.
Texture mechanically pressed into the surface of aluminum creates this unique look and feel. It is combined with brushed and printed pinstripe decoration to further enhance the look.
textured aluminum
copper distressed metal aluminum finish
Character and detail of a naturally patinaed copper surface is captured on aluminum. The surface layers selective brushing and
transparent inks creating an interactive finish.
Woven wire was the inspiration for this technical finish. Printed texture adds both visual and tactile depth to the surface while mechanical finishes are added for movement.
woven wire aluminum finish
warm white aluminum finish
Warm whites allow aluminum to show through the surface creating a look of natural imperfection. The matte clear coat gives an almost anodized look and feel to the finish.
Light and shadow are played with in this finish which layers transparent fades of color on engine stripe. The selectively applied mechanical finishes add movement and dimension beneath the high gloss clear coat.
blue mechanical aluminum finish

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