Metal Nameplates and Labels

Northern Engraving manufactures nameplates and labels on aluminum, stainless steel and brass.  Applications include automotive, appliance, electronics, cosmetics and recreational equipment.  All are custom manufactured to meet customer requirements and product specifications.  Standard metal decorative processes include:

Brushing - Etching - Lithography - Screen Printing - Roller Coating - Embossing - Forming - Doming

metal nameplate and label sample lit | Northern Engraving

Plastic Nameplates and Labels

We offer nameplates and labels on a wide variety of polyester, polycarbonate and vinyl substrates.  The plastic decoratives offer added functionality including backlit and dead front graphics and clear windows.  Standard decorative processes on plastic include:

Lithography - Screen Printing - Embossing - Doming

plastic nameplate and label sample kit | Northern Engraving

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