2009 Ford F-150 Platinum Edition Trim

Ford F-150 Platinum Edition 

 F-150 Platinum Edition Interior Detail



Omni-bond and brushed aluminum
Aluminum in-mold


Ford F150 Platinum model


  • Create illusion of trim machined out of solid metal
  • Complex shapes and depths


Northern Engraving Engineers worked with Ford Design and Engineering to design parts meeting the requirements of both the aesthetics of the project and manufacturing feasibility. Omni-bond and aluminum in-mold were used to create aluminum trim pieces which are as rugged as they are elegant. The brushed aluminum surface on the panels gives the dash, steering wheel, center console and doors an upscale look and feel of metal without the excess weight of solid metal.

We offer a wide variety of options in brushed finishes for your nameplate or trim projects. A plethora of possibilities exist when considering the selection of finishes from our pattern library which can be added to your trim piece. This means that once an investment in tooling has been made, the look can be updated economically with a change in pattern.