inspiRED | Aluminum Finishes

The power drama and emotion of red is explored in this series of aluminum finishes.  Red is associated with energy and strength as well as passion and desire.  Red draws attention.  It can be used as small accents, almost like you would add jewelry to an outfit.  Or it can be used as bold focal points.  The natural reflective character of the aluminum maximizes the impact.

The inspiRED mood boards cover a wide variety of types of structures including: organic, technical, ornamental and mechanical.  The common theme is the vivid candy apple red.

Request aluminum finish samples from this mood board to explore the possibilities available to you in incorporating these surfaces into nameplates or decorative trim.

What are Mood Boards?

Mood boards feature aluminum finishes developed around themes, focusing on the use of mechanical process, color and texture to create surfaces which are our interpretation of trends in the market.   The finishes are inspirational, a starting point for creating a surface for your trim or nameplate application.