Surfaces on Aluminum Design Blog

  Many of our patterns and finishes on aluminum are created with layers of decorative processes. A popular request is to make use of selective areas of mechanical finishes - stripes, spins, and brushes on the surface of the metal. The resulting decoration has movement and depth which can then be ...
Taking cue from the recent NAIAS Show in Detroit I found it interesting how decoration for interior and exterior trim can be enhanced by changing the scale and structure of pattern elements with geometric shapes. This is a perfect way to customize surface decoration for aluminum trim!
Many times requests for patterns on aluminum are pretty basic - a grid pattern or straight lines. There is opportunity to take standard structures and step outside the box, push the boundaries and break out into something unique. Here are my choices for patterns that do just this. Enjoy.    
The Inspiration You'll find bead blasted metal across many markets used on a variety of products. Fine glass beads are applied under high pressure creating a uniformly textured surface. The resulting finish can be very refined to rugged looking depending on the depth of texture.
The Inspiration Selective color is used to accent many things. In particular, we looked at how selective color is used to accent materials from leather seats to watch bands. When used selectively, color adds a distinct look to an overall muted color. In these cases it offsets nicely with black.
It has been stated many times and it is worth repeating how endless the possibilites are when working with patterns for aluminum trim. You have the option to pick directly from the finish library and simply reference the finish ID in your design. When this isn't a fit, the option to customize the ...
Structures from precise geometric shapes to flowing organic lines have been translated into an endless array of options for patterns on aluminum. Explore existing finishes and patterns to gain inspiration. 
The Inspiration Naturally aged metal surfaces are the point of inspiration. A patinaed metal that features worn areas on the edges or high points being the focus.
Dress Up Brushed Aluminum with Patterns Simple brushed aluminum provides a classic and clean look for decorated trim as well as nameplates and brand identification. While this is attractive, there is opportunity to capitalize the surface area to include intricate patterns and finishes. This opens ...