An example of an aluminum badge which uses a unique shape to step away from a standard tooling design.
Draw attention to nameplates and labels with a custom pattern enhanced with 3D Doming.
Domed plastic labels provide durability and protection from exposure to exterior elements and outdoor applications.
Slit back adhesive makes assembly easy for this sports equipment label.
Take advantage of common tooling for aluminum nameplates and change the decoration to give each model a unique look.
Aluminum in-mold is used to create a dimensional graphic on this metal badge.
A classic brand gets attention with an aluminum nameplate.
A custom pattern and holographic logo effect watermark effect create a unique look for high profile branding with aluminum nameplates.
Engine turned aluminum and embossed polycarbonate coordinate for product branding.
Brushed chrome polyester label features intricate detail and embossing on material which gives the appearance of being metal.
A simple change makes this nameplate ready for the cameras on a major network show.
Doming enhances the antiqued finish printed on this aluminum nameplate.
Shape, artwork and finish are important elements to keep in mind when designing your aluminum nameplate or plastic label.

Finish Samples

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