Brushed aluminum can provide a premium look for your product housing.
Technical pattern creates dimensional look for aluminum nameplate.
Attractive aluminum trim is created through collaboration between the customer and Design, Engineering and Project Management teams.
Custom tooling and finish decoration result in elegant trim for medical device.
This label is unique in its design and function.
This glucometer features a decorative plastic overlay with a clear window covering the screen.
NECODome creates nameplates with individual letters. This process involves a layering of materials to create a dimensional look.
Singular ID is used for this metal nameplate. The metal is recessed into the plastic for a clean and modern look.
A unique metal nameplate features diamond cut graphics on a contour.
Individual bright aluminum letters are precisely aligned to a polycarbonate backplate.
Multi-level embossed graphics with a diamond cut accent highlight this metal nameplate.
Orthopedic knee brace branding across mutliple products.
An attention getting focal point is created on each of these aluminum nameplates for surgical eye equipment.

Finish Samples

Request specific finishes or themes for your project.