Layers of brushed aluminum can be combined with printed colors and halftones to achieve visual dimension.
Embossed bright chrome polyester with a matte background grabs attention.
Brushed stainless steel insert integrates product branding into trim.
Injection molded plastic fused to polycarbonate film.
Diamond cut graphics on a brushed aluminum background are accented with a bright border.
Brushed and bright aluminum contrasts with matte texture background.
Aluminum badge combines a multi-level emboss and brushed background for a premium look.
Check out these rainbow Apple logos printed on aluminum.
Textured pattern coordinated across aluminum and polycarbonate trim.
Individual graphic elements are aligned with a placement mask in this unique nameplate.
Embossed, brushed and spun aluminum is used on this premium nameplate.
Selective doming and chrome graphics are used on this polycarbonate overlay.
Diamond cut graphics on a brushed and spun background are used for this metal badge.
Laser customization is used on this aluminum plaque to uniquely identify each laptop.
Integration of debossed aluminum nameplate into custom pattern decorated trim.
Integration of corporate branding with brushed aluminum trim piece is cost effective.
High contrast look with custom pattern and texture to catch attention.
Engine turned aluminum and bright borders combine on this automotive inspired overlay.
Spun aluminum is combined with aluminum in-mold for a backlit metal button.
Multi-level emboss and forming are used on these aluminum nameplates and trim.
Crisp detail is created with embossed and diamond cut graphics on aluminum.
Brushed aluminum with embossed, diamond cut graphics provides a premium look for high profile electronics.

Finish Samples

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