Aluminum Finish Trend Presentation Video

The trend presentation is a series of aluminum finishes developed around themes.  The finishes are presented as mood boards.  The themes are our interpration of trends based on research and interaction with designers throughout the world in a diverse range of industries including: automotive, electronics, appliance and cosmetics

  • Expand your understanding of the possibilities available to you in aluminum trim! 
  • Learn about the inspiration behind the aluminum finishes!


The theme for this series of aluminum finishes is blurring of boundaries. Our environments reflect our individual interests; customized works of art reflective of our fantasies and comforts.

The surfaces and details range from intricate and detailed to patinaed and distressed.  Elements are merged.  Aluminum trend show finishes are offered as inspiration for possibilities on the substrate.  All can be incorporated into metal trim pieces or nameplates for unique looks.  Customization is possible through color, structure or process.