Test Lab Technician

803 South Black River Street, Sparta, WI


Tech Lab Technician Overall Purpose of Position

The Tech Lab Technician is responsible for the accurate testing and reporting of customer specific required testing. The Test Lab Technician is also responsible for reviewing and interpreting customer test specifications.

Tech Lab Technician Job description

  • Manages customer specific testing specifications.
  • Perform testing on manufactured products for both customer approved process and annual validation including analyzing and distributing results.
  • Performs incoming product verifications.
  • Performs initial and ongoing testing per the Incoming Control Plan for all Company facilities.
  • Maintains and calibrates laboratory equipment.
  • Develops budget for laboratory equipment supplies and maintains control of lab costs.

Tech Lab Technician and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of basic laboratory principles, testing methods and techniques.
  • Ability to operate and program testing equipment, Humidity/Fogging Chambers, Salt Spray, Weather meter, Color Measurement equipment.
  • Ability to follow written testing procedures/specifications.
  • Some experience with Word and Excel programs.
  • Create program specific ADV plan when requested by customer.
  • Maintain log of test submissions.
  • Maintain data base of customer specifications.
  • Acquire new specifications for upcoming programs and write new Word test forms.


Dated: May 7, 2019

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