Simple Brushed Aluminum Trim

Many times when we are working with our customers to define the right decoration or finish to incorporate into their metal trim the conversation gets taken back to the basics. In doing so simplicity and simple or authentic decoration becomes the overwhelming popular requirement. Simple brushed aluminum is therefore one of the most common requests for trim pieces.

For the interior trim for this car, simple brushed aluminum is used in thin areas to become accent elements that complement the rest of the design. The low gloss silver color outlines the contours of the dash panels, door rails and center console.



Once the trim is assembled into the vehicle, the result showcases an elegant and sophisticated look for the premium brand. There was no need to bring bold or intense pattern structures into the mix. 

Tesla Model S Interior.jpg

Subtle and simple decoration for these trim pieces increase the perceived value and luxury factor for the brand.

What do you want your trim pieces to do for your brand? Let's talk!

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