Bright Chrome Binder Appliqué

Custom Binder Decoration

binder applique

The Champion logo shown here illustrates the use of the NECODome process to create a bright chrome label for binder customization.  Key to the success of the project was the ability to achieve straight walls on the edge of the part rather than a rounded look.  This process is flexible allowing you to create either one of these options.  The NECODome process reproduces your design using a die in the shape of your artwork to both cut and seal the image.  Using this die, a sandwich of materials is heat-sealed onto a base material. 

Nameplate Materials & Processes Guide

Request a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide to begin exploring the options available to you in creating product branding that differentiates your product.  Custom color matches, texture and assembly are only some of the options in creating your nameplate. 




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