10 Examples of Attention-getting Domed Nameplates

Three dimensional domed nameplates add depth to your logo. The durable lensing process combines with brushing, printing and embossing to create a plethora of possibilities in product branding. We can help walk you through your many options guiding you to a solution that meets your needs. I've chosen examples that catch my attention. What examples would you add to this list?

This article explores 10 unique approaches to making a domed label stand out whether on metal or plastic substrates. What other options do you suggest in the design of your product branding to make your brand stand out? 

Aluminum Nameplates

escreen-domed-nameplate.jpgeScreen Nameplate - The transparent tint of color on the metal background combines with the fact this part is formed to create natural highlights emphasized by the lens.





OcuScan Nameplate - Metallics colors always look great when combined with the doming process. A light halftone printed on bright aluminum adds dimension to the logo.





Princess Elizabeth Insert - The deep blue transparent tint of color used on this emblem is mesmerizing in its depth. The gold accent adds to the jewel-like effect.





Sensa Pen Inserts - It is the small size of these lensed inserts that catches my attention. They remind me of polished gemstones or cabochons.






Sub-Zero Nameplate - This is one of my all time favorites. I love the tone on tone silver graphic combined with the lensing process.




Refrigerator Nameplate - The unique use of doming catches my attention on this nameplate used on an ice and water dispenser. The domed surface is actually concave!


Chrome Mylar (polyester) Labels

id-system-domed-badge.jpgidsystem Label - This clean design features a metallic silver background outlined with a bright chrome border. The two-tone blue logo is embossed to add dimension. 




Geneva Emblem - The combination of metallic colors and bright chrome grahics are a guaranteed success when designing an emblem.






El Dorado National Emblem - The metal-like background finish on this emblem complements the bright chrome graphics for a clean classic look.





Cobra Anniversary Emblem - Bold high contrast black and chrome are another guranteed attention getting combination. This design balances fine detail in a small emblem.


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