Domed Knob Insert

Domed Insert

domed insert

Northern Engraving offers a diverse range of decorative processes on metal and plastic substrates.  Typically, our customers use these options to create product identification in a wide range of markets.  Occasionally a customer uses the same processes in an unexpected way.  The knob insert shown here is one example of a non-traditional use for the doming process.

cabinet knobs

The cross-stitch designs are lithographed on aluminum using process color to achieve subtle detail in the designs.  Adhesive is laminated to the back of the parts for assembly to the knobs.  The doming process is the final step in the manufacturing of these parts.  During this step a liquid polyurethane is applied and cured into a crystal clear lens.

Nameplate Materials & Processes Guide

Request a Nameplate Materials and Processes Guide to begin exploring the options available to you.  Custom color matches, texture and assembly are only some of the options in creating your unique design. 



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