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Maybelline lipcolor labels

Maybelline lipcolor signs feature twelve shades of lipcolor on one flexible label.  Accurate representation of colors helps consumers in their purchasing decision.  Cosmetic point of purchase signs or labels need to be attractive and affordable. 

lipcolor label point of purchase label POP label

Lipcolor display labels require multiple colors which are printed on white Mylar® polyester with a digital printer.  A flexible dome applied to the label adds gloss and depth.  The label has adhesive on the back for easy application to the display.

Digital Label Printing

Digital label printing offers advantages over traditional printing for point of purchase (POP) signs, minimizing costs and timing.  The four main advantages in digital label printing are: 

  • Speed - no plates and very little setup
  • Quality - high resolution and vibrant colors
  • Cost - no plates and no films
  • Flexibility - ganging jobs and variable data printing

Digital label printing is used to create quality custom labels for point of purchase and other markets.  The digital printing process can be combined with traditional decorating processes for unique solutions to your product branding and signage needs.

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Namplate Samples, Aluminum Nameplates, Plastic Labels