A New Look for Domed Nameplates on Aluminum

Forming Urethane Dome Nameplates

Norlens or domed nameplates and labels are a popular look for product identification. The process involves decorating the aluminum or plastic substrate, embossing, stamping. The final step is the application of a liquid urethane. The urethane is applied to the nameplate and it flows to the edge of the part creating an attractive domed surface. The urethane is then cured creating a durable lens.

e screen domed nameplate | Norlens

Northern Engraving offers a process which involves forming the domed nameplate to create a very unique look. The domed lens acts almost as a prism on the reflective surface of the aluminum. It magnifies the natural highlights and shadows present in the metal substrate. The eScreen nameplate featured here uses an emboss and transparent blue tint to make the graphics stand out. This is accented with a multi-color graphic printed in process color. The lens highlights the emboss and the detail in the nameplate.

Sunkist domed nameplate | Norlens

When the formed lens is combined with a transparent tint of color, it creates a jewel-like effect. The resulting nameplate almost looks as if it was lit from the back. The Sunkist nameplate uses the contrast of an opaque white graphic against the transparent blue tint to make the graphic stand out.

Both nameplates successfully apply the formed norlens process to their brand creating nameplates that stand out. What other processes, looks or products would be a good fit for this doming and forming process?




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