Eye Catching Beer Tap Labels on Aluminum or Plastic

Beer Tapper Labels 

The colorful names and designs of microbrew beers are some of the more interesting labels that we manufacture.  From Porch Swing, Single Ale to East Street, Wheat, they are a striking group of metal and plastic labels.  Most use process color on aluminum or polyester adhesive labels to create their multi-colored looks.  Some create further depth by adding a urethane dome to the label.

In addition to the microbrew beer tap labels, traditional beer tap labels can be created on aluminum.  These labels are often double sided with decorating on both sides allowing the aluminum label to be encapsulated in acrylic.  Combinations of transparent and opaque colors help add movement while the use of aluminum accents catch the eye.

What other eye catching solutions could be applied to a label design?  What other nameplates or labels catch your attention?  Why do they catch your attention?

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