3 Finish Options to Differentiate Your Flexible Label

One Nameplate, Three Distinct Looks

One part can be modified in very simple ways to achieve a much different look than its predecessor.  All three nameplates utilize the NECODome process, but through the use of different inks and substrates, each nameplate looks significantly different.

Transparent Ink
This process allows the bright chrome substrate to shine through the ink, creating a shine while illuminating the blue and silver colors.

coolsculpting transparentblog

Opaque Ink
While this finish is not transparent, the opaque color process gives a more static color scheme and allows the piece to feature both blues on the design.

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Brushed Laminate
This nameplate features the same color scheme as the previous nameplate applied over a brushed laminate substrate. This process gives texture and interest, while still allowing the original design scheme to stay true.

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transparent necodome   describe the image  describe the image

(From left: transparent ink, opaque ink, brushed laminate)

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